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Song Sets, Custom Promo Tweets, Dedicated Music Stream and BIO AD

To elevate your exposure, consider promotion services that advertise your music and in turn support our internet radio.
Below you will find a few unique services that elevate and complement music in our rotations.

Promote your Music

Choosing any of the promotion services that elevate artists' music in rotation also allows us to find a way to contribute to the station and support the work that we do towards INDIE and Private Labels, start here to take a look at services, we are confident you will find something that suits your needs.

Monthly Subscriptions Options (cancel anytime)

Featured Song Sets

$10.00 - subscribe for at least 3 months (includes Featured Artist Page)

Featuring your music
Submitting 5 song set of music rotated in sequence on our Innovative Music Mix Stream, increasing visibility and spotlight the artist in rotation played. Selected music will run as long as you are in subscription. Combined with your Twitter handle your songs when played are promoted and you are notified.
We need from you: Song art for each of your music that will be in the song set - any music you will include in the song set.

Dedicated Music Stream

$30.00 - subscribe for at least 1 months (includes Featured Artist Page)

Featuring your material (freely manage your own music in rotation)
Your stream player promotion landing page, with a music rotation of choice, a dedicated stream gives you the power of promoting fullpage rotating backdrops, slogans, song art, link to online store, social media share buttons and BIO; The ultimate to activlty promote a debut album or headliner to target new music sales.
We need from you: your music, 5 images for a custom backdrop slider, song art, short bio, slogan, and your social/website links to your music sales.

Custom Promo Tweets

$15.00 - subscribe for at least 2 months (includes Featured Artist Page)

Featuring your Profile
The pinnacle of tweet promotion includes an image of choice, soulful description, and weblink of choosing to showcase a highlighted artist promoted on our Twitter feed daily. Combined with your Twitter handle you are notified of your tweeted promotion to be retweeted to followers.
We need from you: feature image, description and weblink.


$5.00 - subscribe for at least 6 months (includes Featured Artist Page)

Featuring your BIO
This displays on our public stream player, choosing 5 songs, when your music is in rotation, custom messeges appear and can be swapped on each song played.
We need from you: 5 text to-the-point messages advertising that appears with your 5 selected music playing or 1 message for all 5 songs.

Upon cancelation or early cancelation of services content included with your subscription is removed.